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Entertainment that brands
and extends viewership (4:35)

Feature Film Quality
Production (4:55)

Stunning Animation
& Special Effects (2:00)

Proven Expertise

$3 Billion in sales generated with primarily startup companies
25+ Years of DRTV Experience

It is no coincidence that Stilson has produced four of the five highest grossing infomercials of all time and created over 3 billion in sales with just a handful of clients. Our pioneering attitude and unique fearless approach is combined with over 25 years of DRTV expertise. We offer our clients innovative excellence at every point in the value chain.

Fearless Creative is the driver behind every service we provide. We don't think anyone, including us, should do anything that's aimed at mediocrity. Our clients think that too.

Service Level For Every Need

Stilson works with companies aiming to build powerful brands and offer our expertise at any point in your creative process. Our capabilities range from consulting on specific DRTV issues to full-scale production and project management.

  • ResearchResearch
  • StrategyStrategy
  • CreativeCreative
  • ProductionProduction
  • MediaMedia
  • SupportSupport

Suitability Evaluation For DRTV

Some products don't work on DRTV. Let us tell you the truth about potential markets, necessary strategies and likely outcomes. We know where big success comes from and how to get it. We can help you do things right from the very beginning.

Branding, Distribution Planning

Getting a great product into a great infomercial and then getting it to consumers is a big, complicated, messy job. We can take the mess and make it simple for you with clear, results-driven strategies and comprehensive planning.

Product Development, Logo Ideation, Packaing and Print Design, Website Design and Deployment

We think that projects fail because of fear. Conservative scripts, conservative design, and conservative products are the standard, and they fail because they don't stand out. People by products that they remember. People remember Stilson.

Production Planning,
Full-Service Production

We make sure that great ideas are translated into brilliant visuals and sounds with well-planned shoots and sharp post-production work. Even the best ideas won't sell if they aren't matched with quality production.

Media Buying,
Media Management

Where and when a product is marketed speaks about the product itself. We will find the right media channels and time slots for your product. Our strategy-driven decisions in this area pay off.

In-Bound Call Center Management, Order Fulfillment, International Distribution, Analytics

Real success comes from happy customers. In consultation or as your full-service inbound call management, we can help you keep costs down and customers satisfied. Then we can track your success to promote constant improvement.

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Fearless Creative

6 Principles

guide Stilson's fearless approach to creative and have produced the most successful Direct Response Television campaigns ever aired.

1. Infotainment
Staging & Choreography

3. Scored Music
& Sound Design

2. Feature Film Quality

4. Product Demos

5. Testimonials

Extended Agency Reel

Comprehensive view of Stilson's work.

Our Work

Clients keep choosing Stilson because of the results they receive.

Some of our Clients

Some of our clients include: Ninja, AB-DOer, Gyrotonic, Bowflex, NordicTrack, AB Trainer, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Health Rider, DrugTalkTV, and JumpSnap.

Opening Markets

When BowFlex approached Stilson to produce a new direct response piece for them, the product was being marketed almost exclusively to men. Stilson identified a large female market for BowFlex and produced the piece accordingly. Emotion-driven scenes featuring female actors were introduced to ensure that women would connect with the product. They did and the product has become one of the most well-known pieces of fitness equipment ever created.

BowFlex Sales - Before & After Stilson
Because of Stilson, Bowflex gained more than one hundred million dollars in sales and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
70 Countries

$350 Million In Sales

Building Brand Power

John Abdo brought a PVC prototype of the Ab-Doer to Stilson. That's it. No branding. No market research. Nothing. Just a PVC prototype. In 6 months, Stilson had helped him put his product into production, created a powerful brand image and launched an incredibly successful direct response spot that featured special effects, choreography and original music.

Look Good, Sell More

When Euro-Pro Operating wanted to look like a Fortune 500 Company, they asked Stilson to create their next infomercial. The company had been selling products through direct response television for years but wanted a high-end production for the launch of the Ninja Mega Blender. Stilson used vibrant images and feature film quality production to communicate the product quality.

Breaking Barriers

Before HealthRider, as a rule infomericals sold products that cost under fifty dollars. When Stilson began creating a direct response piece to sell the $500 HealthRider, industry experts were at best doubtful and at worst scornful. Stilson forged ahead and created a revolutionary production that kept viewers interested, entertained and willing to buy.

Continuing The Craze

After the unprecedented success of the first HealthRider infomercial, the industry and HealthRider wondered what Stilson could possibly do next. Stilson simply applied the same philosophies that had made the first production so compelling. The new, improved and highly entertaining spot nearly doubled the revenue created by the first production.

Conveying Emotion

Owning and operating more than 20 free hospitals is hard. There was limited precedent for non-profits using direct response television. This is why Shriners asked Stilson to help them. Over a seven year relationship, Stilson created television productions featuring moving testimonials and more than a little magic.

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